Our Story

Founded as Impact Brands Inc, in 2020 we made the decision to change our name to Impact Community Partners. This decision was made to make our name be more aligned with the work that we do.

What We Believe

New models, perspectives, and tactics are necessary for the communities of tomorrow. What once worked, no longer works. All communities are different, and the communities of today are much different than the communities of yesterday.

Why We Believe

Too many municipalities are struggling to face the reality of a changing economy and are attempting to use outdated models and policies for community revitalization and economic development. This is affecting individuals and families nationwide and is reflected in the increasing homeless population and wealth gap.

Why We Exist

In order for new models and tactics to be introduced, it requires people with the right perspective, platform, and experience to lead. It also requires vision and execution. Veronica Smith had a vision to take her 15 years of economic development, real estate, and strategic management experience and marry that with her 20 years experience as an entrepreneur to launch Impact Brands Inc. in 2017, now Impact Community Partners.

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